The sandbox demo of Crisis Response is available! This is an early demo and far from polished. It shows an early version of some of the action elements that will be in the final game.


Download it here: cr-setup-


Or from IndieDB, the best place to track the progress:


Main features:

  • Detailed model for projectile ballistics

    Projectile interaction

  • Blood and gore on top of a physiology system

    Heart beats

  • Bullet time and slow motion

    Bullet time

  • Detailed and realistic weapon mechanics

    Weapon mechanics

  • Sandbox setting with extra controls/cheats


I have been working toward this release for quite some time and the plan now is to release more often. My road ahead is to continue toward a prototype with the full feature set which will include more than the action available in this demo.

The full feature set

Many governments don't negotiate with terrorists. And this game will not feature terrorists. This game is going to be on a smaller scale, about managing a special police unit that handles barricaded suspects. A core feature will be the negotiation of peaceful solutions before resorting to tactical entry. The player will also manage the tactical team to keep it in tip-top shape. The graphic below shows a very high-level flow chart of the intended prototype game-play. The main loop is around the missions which will be tied to a timeline in the campaign.

High-level prototype game-play

The sandbox will continue

While I work toward the prototype I will keep adding features to the sandbox. These will be released with new versions of the sandbox demo. All features that make sense in the sandbox will be added to it along the way.

Thank you for reading, and if you haven't tried the demo please do!

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