New demo

Hi! I've just uploaded the updated game version. I've been working on changing the wound visuals the past couple of weeks. This update improves the wound visuals in a number of ways. The download is here:

Marksman Demo

Alternate link: cr-setup-


New entry and exit visuals

The entry and exit wound visuals are more dynamic now. Before each ammunition type had a specific decal for entry and exit respectively that was simply pasted in place. Now they are rendered. That means that I can control them in much more detail. How a wound will look is now determined by the projectiles energy (velocity and mass) and its size. For the exit wounds it in addition depends on how much cavity was created in the body part which was hit by the bullet.

New entry and exit wounds

The new entry and exit wounds.


Since the wound visuals now depend on the real-time properties of the bullet, it also means that a bullet that has lost energy (by passing through a door or another body for instance) creates a smaller wound on impact than it would otherwise.

Just as a note, all of this is just regarding the visuals. All of these calculations were already being made for the physiology before, so there are no changes to the physiological responses when I talk about the wounds being different.

Dynamic decals on body parts

The other big addition is the new decals on body parts. They are:

  • Blood streaks
  • Blood soaking
  • Powder burns

Blood streaks and soaking appear at wounds. The streaks paint blood trails on the limb out from the wound and pulled down by gravity. The soaking appears around wounds on body parts that have clothing on them and is essentially a round area of blood that expands over time.

New dynamic decals

The new dynamic decals.


The powder burns appear on body parts when a weapon is fired really close to them or if there is an explosion close by. This is caused by the burning powder expelled from weapons and explosions and makes a dark stain on the affected body part.

Some new weapon components

I've also added a couple new weapon components. They are a couple of optics and a new fore grip.

New weapon components

New weapon components.


Censoring visual effect

There is a new (and optional) visual effect that simulates the kind of image or video censoring that you can sometimes see in news media images and video. It pixelates portions of the rendered game to cover head injuries and blood pools. My idea in adding it is not actually to censor the game, but rather to add another bit of emphasis to the gore. It hints that there must be something bad behind it. I'm not sure this trick works for everyone, and probably no-one would like to have it on all the time. It is turned off by default.

The new censoring visual effect

The new and optional censoring visual effect.


Other fixes

Aside from that above there are a number of other improvements and fixes that I am glad to have made but I wont list them here.

Random Madness

I was also featured again on the YouTube channel Random Madness. Thanks to Valentin for that, please watch the video and check out his channel. If you like my game you will probably like his gore reviews. (Note that this video is before the updates of this post though.)

That's it for this time. Please enjoy the new demo!

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